Saturday, 12 September 2009

What's going on...

Looks like a busy couple of weeks ahead - I'm in the Kid Robot Forum Series 4 Mini Munny trade (thanks to del730 and Rsin for letting me in) - the theme is Sci Fi - nice! I'm fighting hard the temptation to post work in progress pics, but I think its coming along nicely. had a couple of technical problems to work through - mainly what order to do each part in and also the sculpting is proving tough - trying to get a balance on the level of detail.

Had requests for some and all of the Elements series, and am working on another two minis (portraits) which are presents - I'll post pics of those later

So as I can't really show any pics at the moment I thought I would post the graphic for the fifth element - the last one is the series - as a teaser

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